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Purchase Flow (Australia)

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    Step 1: Select Property

    Find the right property and pay reservation fee in order to reserve your preferred property. This transaction will ensure your preferred property is taken off the market and no one else can purchase it during the reservation period.

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    Step 2. Sign Contract

    Sign the Contract of Sale.

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    Step 3. First Payment

    Transfer 10% deposit into Vendor’s solicitor trust account. The balance of the full purchase price will be made on the completion of property.

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    Step 4. Refund Registration Fee

    Once the deposit transaction have been made successfully, the reservation fee will be fully refunded on this stage.

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    Step 5. Mortgage

    We suggest you to prepare your mortgage application about three months prior to settlement date. We can also connect you with some of the reputable banks and financial advisors.

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    Step 6. Completion

    On the day of settlement you will then make the final payments. Transaction is completed and you now have the ownership of you property.

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    Step 7. One Stop Service

    Ray White offer property management and inspection service to all clients as well. Please feel free to contact us for more information.