Purchase Flow


Select Property
Find the right property and pay reservation fee to vendor in order to reserve your preferred property. This transaction will ensure your preferred property is taken off the market and no one else can purchase it during the reservation period.
Sign Contract
Sign the contract of sale and you will need to paid 10% deposit to solicitor trust account.
Payment Schedule
Within 21 workign days after receipt by the Purchaser of the Vendor’s written notice of the completion of:

10% The work below ground level
10% The walls of the said Parcel with door and window frames placed in position
5% The drains serving the said Building
5% The roads serving the said Building
5% The sewerage works serving the said Building
10% The electrical wiring and internal telephone trucking and cabling to the said Parcel
15% The reinforced concrete framework and floor slab of the said Parcel
10% the internal and external plastering of the said Parcel
Completion Date
On the date you takes vacant possession with water and electricity supply ready for connection, you will pay 12.5% of purchase price. Another 5% will be requested to pay and hold by the Vendor’s solicitor as stakeholder for payment to the vendor at the expiry of 6 months and 18 months after the date you take vacant possession of the said Parcel.
Balance Payment
Within 21 working days, Authority of application for subdivision of the said Building you pay the remaining 2.5% of purchase price.

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