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Ever imagined buying your own land and turning your dream house into a reality? This seems to be a mission impossible in Hong Kong is actually very possible in Australia! The price for land is affordable for many regular families. buyers have the rights to free hold the land, giving the highest autonomy for property design and future development, making House & Land Package just as promising to investors and to users.

It seems too complicated and time consuming to build a house which involves planning approval, design, building permit, building and construction.

Apart from offering House & Land Package, Ray White also offers property management services, simplifying the steps for investors. We have lands all over Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

You can also share with us your preferences; our professional team will find the most suitable residential land for you.

With the scale of a large housing estate. The necessities of life are all in one place.
Different house types for you to choose. From single-storey to French-style home.

"House & Land" package has better flexibility compared to other types of property. Builders normally provides 3 or more bedrooms design schemes for a land, ranging from single-storey, double-storey to French-style houses, with different interior design options such as larger kitchen or living room spaces. In addition, the "House & Land" package will come with a garden, a porch, and covered garage(s). Buyers can adjust the basic design provided by the construction company according to their personal preferences to create the most suitable detached house for themselves. Another advantage is that owners can demolish or even rebuild their original houses when they need larger spaces for newborn babies or living with the elderly, without land premium cost. That's why it is so popular in Australia with such flexibility.

Quality design and materials to meet the needs of Hong Kong people
High potential for land appreciation: Value doubled in 8 years

The land's price keeps raising in the past few years as Australia government's strict requirements for new residential land approvals have resulted in scarce supply, while the demand is huge. According to the data from UDIA (The Urban Development Institute of Australia), the price per square meter of detached housing land in Melbourne has increased by 109% between 2013 and 2021*. Moreover, since the land is freehold, it can be passed from generation to generation. Overseas residents enjoy the same ownership as residents, and the ability to preserve value should not be underestimated. Since the land is normally purchased at the initial stage, buyers will only need to pay the stamp duty of the land. Which means it is a greatly reduces of the entry costs for both local and overseas buyers. Taking Melbourne as an example, the average house price of a detached house has risen to above 1 million Australian dollars last year*. With such a sharp increase in prices, buyers are still eager to buy, and they would camp all night and queued up to buy land for building a detached house despite the cold weather.

Ready to be Landlord and Owner?
Double the value of your property to maximize cost-effectiveness
through the unique advantages of House and Land package
Reducing stamp duty
Since buyers only purchase the land first, stamp duty is only paid on the settlement of the land but not on the house, reducing the investment cost
Design your own house
Buyers can alter the design plan provided by the construction company to suit their own preferences
Free to make changes
The detached homes can be demolished and rebuilt to meet future needs without paying land premium
Significant growth of land value
The government's strict approval requirements for new residential construction have resulted in less supply which drives up land costs
Freehold ownership can be passed down from one generation to another. Moreover, foreigners also have the same ownership rights as locals
Sufficient time for capital preparation
Payments can be made one at a time as the construction process advances.
Wide range of choices in different cities
Reference of house type House and Land package has a high degree of flexibility. Buyers can select the land and house according to their own preferences and budget.After the land is repossessed, the construction date of the house is determined. Builders typically only need 6 to 9 months to complete it. Here are a few types of house that builders have provided for your reference.
Process of Purchase and Construction

In Australia, there are typically five stages to build a house, and the costs associated with each stage vary. Prior to the start of construction, the builder must receive a security deposit of 5%

Select Property
Find the right property and pay reservation fee in order to reserve your preferred property. This transaction will ensure your preferred property is taken off the market and no one else can purchase it during the reservation period.
Sign Contract
Sign the Contract of Sale.
First Payment
Transfer around 10% deposit* (For land price and construction fee) into Vendor's solicitor trust account. The balance of the full purchase price will be made upon the completion of property.
Refund Registration Fee
Once the deposit transaction have been made successfully, the reservation fee will be fully refunded at this stage.
We suggest you to prepare your mortgage application about three months prior to settlement date. We can also connect you with some of the reputable banks and financial advisors.
On the day of settlement you will then make the final payments. Transaction is completed and you now have the ownership of you property.
One Stop Service
Ray White offer property management and inspection service to all clients as well. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

In Australia, there are typically five stages to build a house, and the costs associated with each stage vary. Prior to the start of construction, the builder must receive a security deposit of 5%

Foundation 15%
Following the construction of the building site and the installation of pipes, concrete is poured to create the foundation.
Frame 25%
The next phase is to begin constructing the house's frame once the foundation is set. Most of the houses in Australia are mainly made of wood. Specially treated wood is used for everything from the walls, roof, and doors to the windows
Lock Up 25%
In this stage, the house's interior and exterior walls will also be clad with bricks and fireproof plasterboard in addition to the roof's thermal insulation and tile covering. The front and back doors will be installed and the interior decoration will be added once the roof and exterior walls are complete.
Fixing 20%
Interior decoration includes laying gas and electrical pipes, installing lamps, electric switches and basic furniture etc. Depending on each state, additional household appliances may need to be installed at this time. According to the law, newly constructed homes in Victoria state must be equipped with basic facilities such as range hoods, cooking stoves, floors, bathroom showers etc. in order to be counted as deliverable houses
Completion 10%
When all facilities specified in the contract have been correctly installed and inspections are completed, the builder will release the house and site. Buyers can move in or rent out the property right away after paying the last portion of the construction fees.


In Australia, the land granted by the government for the purpose of House and Land package is typically jointly developed by one or more developers. Various developers will take part in the development, which will include project planning and infrastructure building. With Ray White's years of connections in Australia, we have carefully chosen reputable and reliable developers to provide House and Land package for buyers


The builder is responsible for building the type of house according to your preference on the land you purchased, and it usually takes only 6-9 months to complete. Builders will provide buyers with different materials or construction options, but there will be many options in details, such as whether a room is preset with 1 or 4 lights? Ray White selects only reputable local builders with years of construction experience which requirements for self-occupation or rental investment can be satisfied.

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